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1. Positive Psychology Activities to Improve Performance and Well-Being

This is a seven-week positivity workout plan designed and used by life coach Deb Levy. The worksheet is a handy compilation containing positive psychology interventions that create insight into happiness and works on improving it. Each PPI is a weekly task that the participants should perform for seven days and move on to the next one on the list.
The functions include:
  • Week 1 – The ‘What went well’ Exercise
    Participants set aside some time each day for writing about any three good things, big or small, that happened on that day.
  • Week 2 – The ‘Best possible future’ Exercise
    Participants are directed to imagine themselves in their best and more successful form and journal their thoughts.
  • Week 3 – The ‘Signature strength’ Log
    Inspired by the CSV model of Seligman, this exercise focus on identifying one’s strengths and writing down how they use them every day, for one week.
  • Week 4 – The Gratitude Journal
    Where participants are encouraged to write about the things that they are grateful for.
  • Week 5 – The BGIF Workout
    BGIF stands for ‘Be grateful it’s Friday’. This is a simple exercise put in an interesting way, where the respondents make a list of the people they are thankful to, and on Friday, take some time out to express their gratitude in the form of letters, emails, or a quick visit.
  • Week 6 – Self-love Meditation
    Where the participants are guided to focus on themselves and their emotions, and journal the thoughts that passed their minds.
  • Week 7 – Relationship Workout
    The final weekly task of this program is to foster happiness by nurturing relationships. This task is full of useful hacks that the participants are asked to follow for the rest of the week and notice how they change the quality of the respondents’ interpersonal relationships.

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